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Album Tracklist Widget (PSD)

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A month ago today I released a compact music player design, today’s freebie is an extension of that design, a full track list widget complete with covert art.

The design allows for the cover art, album details, a description and the full album track list. Each track also sports a popularity counter and purchase link. Let me know if you find this useful and don’t forget to spread the word! Who’s going to code this up?


  1. Hey Orman. I am loving this one – great work ;)

  2. pretty slick !!

  3. Martijn

    I’m loving the ‘buy this album’ button, i just want to press it!

  4. Can’t believe the title of the 1st track lol

  5. I will try to code this today :-)

  6. Which fonts are used?

  7. Kevin Rajaram

    Dude this is awesome and GREAT choice of artist. I freakin love Lil Wayne’s music. On that album, i have to say Gonorrhea is the best of it all :)

  8. You have a great eye for clean designs. This is really sexy!

  9. To me this is the best PP freebie. Nice, nice & nice! :)

  10. Always the best you are!

  11. Hey, man thanks for all your freebies. I love them and this one rocks!

  12. gustotech

    what man u r ? great resource man :) awesome :) please provide newsletter subscription :)

  13. Very cool, Orman!
    The texture, colors and font combinations are really pleasing. This design feels like it would work in both real applications and on a website.

    What’s the deal with the yellow bars next to the track names? Is that popularity like in iTunes or what?

  14. Didi Medina

    whats the background used here its just amazing!! could i get a linky please…. =(

  15. hbuchel

    How are you so fantastic? :D

  16. Is it a coincidence that the styles used look similar to this?

  17. I’m sorry if my comment sounded accusing. Just wanted to ask about it. Thanks for clearing it up, I didn’t see your Forrst post before.


  18. Oh,I like it verymuch!

  19. I like it )

  20. TommyNator

    Awesome, this can truly come in handy with future designs!

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