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14 High-Res Paper & Canvas Textures

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Today’s freebie is going to be a popular one, I can feel it. A set of 14 high resolution paper and canvas textures – a highly versatile set! Grab them while they’re hot.

If you’re anything like me you’ll love this texture pack, 14 top quality textures to add to your next design. Each texture is 2500px x 1667px is size giving you plenty of options! Myself, I like to desaturate the texture, set the blending mode to multiply and place it over a solid colour – creates some interesting effects! As always, spreading the word is appreciated and let me know if you find them useful! Below is a sample of the textures included.


  1. Honestly Orman, these resourses are amazing, everything is so useful.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Kara

      Orman, i really appreciate you for sharing your awesome talents!! you made my day & helped me to finish a photoshop tut!! : )

    • Awesome! Glad you find it useful :)

  2. Antonio Capuozzo

    Orman, u made my day :) :) greattt!

  3. Safari Top Site – I think so! This is just perfect, Orman! A thousands thanks, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  4. These rule Ill be using them this week! Sure to let you know where when the project is done.

  5. Designers' List

    Thanks! Your resources are very useful!

  6. Wow, yeah just wow. Thank you so much! I will definitely use this!

  7. thank you! i was searching for just this the other day for a project! your resources are brilliant – im addicted!

  8. Congratulations on the success Orman. Hard work is paying off. These textures are really nice. :)

  9. Really nice textures :) I might use them for some of my paintings..

  10. Real Sweet bro, thanks.

  11. Probably some of the best textures I’ve ever picked up

  12. This site is the best thing since Google!

  13. Big thanks for these!

  14. Orman,
    you.. complete.. me.

  15. Awesome! thank you very much!!!!

  16. This is just perfect!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  17. Fantastic, as usual. Thanks a lot!

  18. i just LOVE these textures! WOOOOT! thank you so much!

  19. Fernanda Lascurainf

    Hi! I can’t download the textures! any other way? thank you!

  20. Hey Orman!

    Just downloaded a bunch of your texture packages, and I just wanted to say thanks for the work you put into it. You’re doing a great job!


  21. bravo!

  22. Very, very usefull & cool stuff, keep ‘m coming!

  23. thanks a lot man for the awesome textures.!!

  24. Thank you verry much for the beautiful textures! They are awesome!!!

  25. Very nice! Thank you so much for sharing these.

  26. Thanks a lot! it’s what I need

  27. Thank you!

  28. Thanks so much for sharing :}

  29. achanvn

    Thanks u so much for sharing . They’re so great !!

  30. TommyNator

    Love these kinds of paper/canvars textures :)

    Thanks again.

  31. h2oxygen79

    Love it!!! Thank you so much for sharing! ;)

  32. dodiegonzales

    Thank you so much. Love the textures. TFS!!

  33. it’s very useful for me!! thank you so much!!

  34. Marllen

    It’s beautiful :) Thank you very much!

  35. this is legen……. wait for it…… dary, awesome. thanks so much

  36. Six Pixel design

    Brilliant. Perfect textures for a million uses.

  37. linkthegeek

    Perfect for creating mockups especially when you give a DOF preview.

    Thanks bro.

  38. v.a. zarkasi


  39. edelweiss

    i like this texture

  40. txmarine

    Thanks for these…nice ones, just what I was looking for.

  41. Thanks Orman. These are just what I was looking for!

  42. thanks dude!

  43. You saved my day! Thank you soo muchXX

  44. Incredible work, well detailed and useful in any project. Great for backgrounds. I tend to make collages showing my personal style, so using your templates as backgrounds will dazzle my work even more.

  45. Thank you so much! Your work’s amazing and so useful!

  46. Thank you!, Is it free to use for any purpose?

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