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11 Light Subtle Patterns (.PAT)


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Today’s freebie is a super-handy set of subtle patterns – great for giving backgrounds a little edge. The download includes the .pat file along with jpgs for quick and dirty use. Enjoy!


  1. Nice patts ! they came just in the right time, I love’em… <3 <3

  2. Ya should submit one or two of these to my man!

  3. Siard van den Bosch


  4. ReyMarval


  5. Samuel Martin

    Thanks Orman, great stuff!

  6. Thank you so much!

  7. Very nice…these are worthy.

  8. Thanx!! :D

  9. Nice Patterns ! Thanks for sharing Orman

  10. Filgalli

    Thank you very much, it is gold!

  11. many ta’s for sharing : )

  12. Mpumelelo Macu

    Amazing work.

  13. beautifull!
    thank you~~~

  14. Nicely done. Great share. Thanks!

  15. Michael Oeser

    They are great but I´m a bit confused now.

    How do I use them to create a transparent pattern that I can make a png from and use it over a colored background on a website?

  16. Nice and thanks

  17. Thanks Orman, what an amazing resource. Good karma is on its way my friend.

  18. sollrei


  19. daveurbanart

    Thanks for this, and all the other really tight stuff you guys share. Much appreciated.


  20. Hi Again, I cannot believe I have found such a generous person and in the UK to.
    I make card making designs and sell them on a vendor site I am self taught using Adobe Photoshop CS2 so am not very good yet, although I am learning each day and it is great fun. I am a tender age of 46 lol and still a bit of a technophobe especially when it comes to pressing buttons and not knowing what they do. Anyway enough of that. I would just like to express my sincere thanks from one very happy bunny! Many Blessings
    Wendy xx

    • Thanks Wendy, really appreciate it :) Glad you find the site useful!

  21. Thanks! Just when i need :)

  22. A great thank – Orman!

  23. Very good site! great resources.
    Thanks so much.

  24. Was just looking for a suitable background, and then I stumbled onto this – big thanks!

  25. Just wanted to express my gratitude as Well Orman…. thanks!

  26. ***nice jop***

  27. Olivia Ly

    Very nice as usual !
    Thanks for sharing.

  28. Black Reds

    bice dude .. thnxs :)

  29. Perfect!

  30. venuswei

    nice! thanks man..great textures on these patterns :)

  31. Mary Broussard

    Thank you so much~very nice!

  32. Narnvad

    Thx man :)

  33. ellockie

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  34. leepicker

    Thx for ur gift!

  35. tyyalniz

    beautiful… thank you..

  36. ice-horse

    awesome, thanks! :)

  37. chrislyh


  38. luv2luv

    I just love’em… <3 <3 <3 <3 thank u~

  39. uconalpukat

    First register and first download. Thanks Orman Clark and premium pixels.

  40. kimbupamu

    This looks really great. Thanks!

  41. Leminou

    These are gorgeous! There are so many ‘grunge’ paper textures these subtle clean ones are a treat for the eyes!

  42. jasmine70


  43. nice pattern thank you so much!!!

  44. nice collection. Thanks

  45. berry9527


  46. Well done. Thanks for sharing.



  47. mopeygoal

    These are greeeat!

  48. samsanite

    yeeeee. thank you so much for your talent. :)

  49. Thanks for these nice subtle textures, they’re awesome!

  50. Love it! Thanks!

  51. Kirangrafix

    Thank you! Great stuff!

  52. chiaching02

    thanks! really love it! beautiful work!

  53. Wow. This site is completely amazing. Thanks for all the amazingly accessible and beautifully designed extras!


    Much appreciate your gift.

  55. Amazing collection.

  56. thangfree



    Thanks these are perfect for what i’m working on!

  58. bennorris1

    Loving these, thanks

  59. yawatakashi

    thank for sharing :)

  60. Cool, Thanks!

  61. culibin_off


  62. 27thmartian


  63. yamalsh

    thank i love it

  64. Great Work!

  65. Awesome pat good work keep it up.

  66. Thank you ,it’s very useful

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