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10 High Resolution Sunburst Brushes


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Another blast from the past, a set of sunburst brushes for Photoshop – don’t act like you don’t use them! I’ll admit it, I enjoy a good sunburst every now and again!

Today’s freebie is a set of 10 high resolution sunburst brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each brush is 2000px by 2000px which should give you plenty of options within your designs. Let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share!


  1. Excellent! :)

  2. Vinay Bhat

    Haha, was just on twitter with your tab open, and voila! we have a new post! ;D

  3. Kevin Rajaram

    Thanks Orman, loving all the stuff you put out. keep it up :)

  4. nice japan style!!!

  5. Nice work once again! Would be nice to have these as hi-res background images too. I don’t have Photoshop :-(

  6. Great job Orman! As always! ;)

  7. Very nice, again! Thanks.

  8. Great stuff! Thanks a lot!

  9. These are perfect and will save me time, thanks!

  10. this brushes saved me 2 days ago! :D

  11. Swopper

    OMG Oman your stuff is very great . . Nice post .keep it up :)

  12. shawn913


  13. nice sunburst brushes! thanks

  14. Eyegandhi

    Always good stuff!!!!

  15. thanks you so much !

  16. mars135805

    Excellent! Loving all the stuff you put out. keep it up!

  17. Thanks a bunch!

  18. thank! that was just what I needed! :)

  19. Ezequiel

    buen aporte! gracias! paaz

  20. thank you so much for the brushes! your time and work is greatly appreciated!

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