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10 High Resolution Cloud Textures

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Today‚Äôs freebie is a set of 10 high resolution cloud textures for use within your next project. They’re big, they’re awesome, and they’re yours to play with.

Each texture (jpg) is 2500px x 1667px in dimension and features some interesting skies and clouds from around the world, these shots were taken in Thailand, Brazil and the good old sunny UK! I’m looking forward to using some of these myself to create some interesting backgrounds. Enjoy!


  1. Cheers! ps. you’ve got there “… Metal Cloud….” :)

    • Orman

      Haha, I must be tired :)

  2. Fantastic resource as per usual Orman! Thanks for kicking ass.

  3. Cool, thanks for sharing!

    Always top notch content on here :)

  4. Martijn

    Sweet! Really like the second sunset one, bet i’ll find a nice use for it :-)

    Thank you.

  5. Nice variety of cloud textures. I have a cloud texure on the header of my site What do you think Orman. Of course my design skills are not as good as yours :D

  6. Buffy Marie

    I can’t wait to use these! Amazing shots! Thank you for your generosity!!

  7. mehme

    Incredible resources — thank you so much!

    • Orman

      You’re welcome :)

  8. Coda

    Just found this website and Whaouh ! Great contents !! Thanks

  9. Premium Pixels, always made my works easy and…better!. Thank you!

  10. shirley

    thanks for your’s very useful.

  11. MONICA

    perfect, very nice, and high resolution is always appreciated, great for creative projects

  12. chris

    I can’t open any of these!

    on a pc…opening in photoshop, just get a mean old error message instead :(

  13. chris

    oh wait nevermind they did work! I was…I….looked….yeah wrong folder and then I didn’t realize they all unzipped separately into my pictures folder and not just that funky mac ox folder.

    I’m a confused puppy! I apologize..leaving now. and ty!

  14. tracht

    Thanks for sharing ever-useful assets!

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