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Submit a resource and get your work
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Do you have experience in crafting premium-quality pixels of your own? If so, submitting a resource to PremiumPixels could be for you. PremiumPixels is a large, well-respected site, and our contributors get a lot of exposure. Seriously, a lot.

PremiumPixels started in 2010 and quickly gained a reputation of only offering downloads of the highest quality. Since then, we’ve tracked over 30 million pageviews and close to 5 million downloads. On average, our visitors download more than 6,000 resources a day.

What we’re looking for.

We’re looking for any design resources which are actually useful to other designers. We love app mockups and concept designs as much as the next designer, but we’re in the business of supplying resources of use. Icons, fonts, textures, patterns, brushes, design elements, shapes, actions and styles are all very welcome.

Quality over quantity.

Unfortunately we cannot accept every submission. We’ll review your resource to determine whether it meets our guidelines/standards. We will not publish resources which do not meet our overall quality standards or are too similar to a resource already offered. Please, please, please, do not take this personally, we just can’t fit everything in.

Important Info.

Your submission must be your own work and exclusive to PremiumPixels. It must not be available for download elsewhere. By submitting a file, you also understand that the work will be made available for download in accordance with our licensing terms.


  • Your real name. Not a username or handle.
  • Make sure you spell it correctly so I can contact you.
  • We'll link to this site as a way for users to find more of your work.
  • Give it a title e.g. "25 Pixel Patterns"
  • Tell me about this resource. More than one word please.
  • Provide a preview of your resource (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png)
  • Upload your resource (.zip files only)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.